GRP Power Generation and Electrical Industry Products

GFP Engineering are at the industry forefront for the manufacture and supply of GRP products for the Power Generation and Electrical Industry. We able to offer advice, built up over 40 years of retained knowledge and experience, of the best high temperature resin to use for any particular requirement for products which require a high heat distortion temperature. Our product range includes GRP covers, GRP baffles, GRP diffusers, GRP Bracing rings and GRP housings.

  • Bespoke GRP
  • GRP Access Steps & Platforms
  • GRP Brace and Fan Baffle Rings
  • GRP Bunds
  • GRP Cabinets - Enclosures
  • GRP Electrical Generator Motor Brushgear Cover
  • GRP Grating and Flooring Systems
  • GRP Grating Covers
  • GRP Handrailing
  • GRP Ladders With Safety Cage
  • GRP Modular Buildings & GRP Kiosks
  • GRP Pultruded Profiles
  • GRP Sheet - GRP Panels
  • GRP Spill Containment products
  • GRP Sump Units
  • GRP Power Generation and Electrical Industry Products

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