GRP Moulding & GRP Fabrication


We are able to provide a complete package of Design, Manufacture and Installation of our range of GRP mouldings and fibreglass products and have nearly 40 years experience in ensuring our customers are completely satisfied by our work. Using our vast knowledge of Fibreglass and Composite Plastics we have experience in working closely with Major Contractors in different industries in Designing and Manufacturing Products which are not only new and innovative but are of a high Quality Standard which we pride ourselves on. No matter which GRP moulding you require, which we have an in-house resin tool production facility, or GRP Fabricated products our customers require, we can provide a professional response to any customer enquiries by using the latest in Composite Plastic Technology solutions.


We offer a complete design package for GRP moulding with our IT and C.A.D. experience and our fully trained Technical Team to produce fully annotated Arrangement Drawings for customers in our range of sectors. In liasing with our customers it is by doing this that we can fully understand their leading requirements. We are capable of providing fully supported loading, stress and life-cycle calculations for all of our products and all to the latest British Standards. We can guarantee that whatever the requirement, we will always try our best to find a solution leaving our customers completely satisfied with the finished product.


Our highly skilled and trained workforce are adept to working to ISO 9001 Standards and along with our company's near 40 year experience as GRP moulders we have a manufacturing facility which is able to offer a very productive and efficient service. Delivery of a moulding which brings together all design stage concepts and future needs is the most important aspect of our manufacturing process and this is attainable by using our expertise of composite plastic technologies and fully understanding our customers requirements. We are committed to applying our knowledge with the customers expertise in their fields, to arrive at a solution which will become repetitive, in that we look to work together on future projects and guarantee a successful relationship in providing products which will enhance the reputation of both companies.


An Installation Services Team are always available for not only our in-house products but also for Installation Only contracts. We are fully committed to Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) and all site operatives will be CSCS accredited. On receipt of an installation contract we can provide full Method Statement and Risk Assessments. Please enquire for more information on our GRP moulding range to suit any requirement in the built environment.

GRP Moulding & GRP Fabrication

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